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     Book your mover early. Most dates need 1-2 weeks notice.  Be sure to tell us about very large/heavy items so we can bring the correct equipment

     with us (pianos, appliances, shop equipment, safes, etc.).        

     Clean/dejunk before you pack. Have a yard sale, take a few trips to a goodwill store, use KSL classifieds to sell items.

     Start packing weeks in advance to avoid feeling overwhelmed and ensure you will be prepared for moving day.


     Make sure you are completely packed before the movers come.

     Request floor protection if worried about floors.

     Request mattress bags before move.

     Disconnect any appliances that will be moved before movers arrive.  Disconnect electronics and box.

     If it is winter:  Have driveway and sidewalks completely cleared of snow/ice.


     Don't schedule other people in your home while we are moving (cable TV installers, HVAC, water softener, etc.)

     Plan on being with us while we are moving you.

If you want to save time and keep the cost of the move down:

     Put as many boxes in the front room or garage where they are easy to grab.

     Take apart beds, take mirrors off dressers.

     To minimize "hunt" time at the new home, write on the box the name of the room it goes into, and write it on at least two sides (not the top).

     Fast Movers can move your entire home, or just the "big stuff".  It is up to you and your time, energy, and budget.


Getting ready to move

Your house just sold!  Now what?  To make your move as smooth as possibe, try to follow these tips: