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Packing Materials

Here is a list of packing supplies that we normally stock.  Contact us with at least 24 hours notice for pickup of packing materials.   Let us know if you need something you don't see; we can probably get it.

Moving boxes:

Small          16"x12"x12"          

Medium      18"x18"x16"          

Large          24"x18"x18"          

Dishpack    30"x18"x18"         





Packing paper:

Used for wrapping all breakable items and filling unused space in boxes.                                               

                          $40/bundle (50 lbs.)

Wardrobe boxes:

By far the easiest way of moving clothes on hangers.  Use of wardrobe boxes are free for our customers as long as they are returned at the completion of the move.


Tape, stretch wrap:


Stretch wrap                                                  



Picture / art / mirror boxes:

Medium   27"x37"x4"                                   

Large       48"x33"x4"                                             



Paper pads:

Used as an inexpensive, disposable replacement for cloth moving pads or blankets.                      


File box / bankers box:

Great for boxing contents of file cabinets.                                               


Mattress bags:









Lamp boxes:

Great for packing lamps.                      


Carpet mask:

Keep your new carpets looking like new.                                       


Tile and hardwood floor protection:

Durable covering for hardwood and tile.